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AC-AUDIO Unveils New Series of High-Power Headphones Distribution Amplifiers

AC-AUDIO today introduced a New Series of High-Power Headphones Distribution Amplifiers for musicians and DJs, which was named ‘Series H’. It includes two products: the H1004 is 4-Channel High-Power Headphones Distribution Amplifier and the H1008 is 8-Channel High-Power Headphones Distribution Amplifier.
As professional, multi-purpose headphones amplifiers, The H Series adopts High-Precision transistor technology that delivers exceptional, professional-quality sound for stage and studio applications. It includes direct front panel input connector for easy connection of any sound source, and paralleled Main outputs allow cascading of several headphones amplifiers. The toroidal transformer can bring the lowest noise interference and the highest audio quality.

The Input Level of H1004 has 4-digit LED-display, and the output Levels of it have 8-digit LED-display. On the front panel of H1008, both the Input Level and output Level have Variable intensity “Drive” LED, illuminating from 0dBu to +12dBu, and “Peak” LED monitoring whole signal chain, illuminating 6dB before clip.


“The H Series is multi-purpose and applicable to virtually all types of headphones, designed with the best Amplifier technology, whilst remaining straightforward to operate and use.” said Eisenhower, director of segment marketing at AC-AUDIO. “We are able to deliver a new musical experience to the professional musicians, recording directors, sound engineers, and enthusiasts.”




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