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KIWI Rock Band Highly Appreciates AC-AUDIO's Mic

Robotronic - the hot song originally created by the Dead Beat Boys band, was vocally remixed and recorded with the AC-Audio ET-3000 Tube Mic. This warm sound accented this song perfectly. The Dead Beat Boys and recording engineers were ecstatic and recommend the microphone highly.


This song is spinning monthly on the "Off the Record" Radio Show. This show features up and coming kiwi artists from New Zealand who are really making a name in the local music scene. Off The Record is your first station for Kiwi Rock, check out this month's featured artists below.


The Dead Beat Boys are new to the Kiwi Rock scene and are under the wing of one of New Zealand's greatest rock n roll minds, Jimmy Christmas.


Falling in the similarities of AC/DC and the Datsun's, the Dead Beat Boys make an unapologetically electric form of rock----Turn up the volume, sing along, grab a beer and enjoy the weekend!


Members of band:

Ben Martelli - Drums
James Fitz - Lead Vocals
Matt Willemsen - Guitar
Taylor Long - Guitar
Vincent Southgate- Bass/Backing Vocals


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