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AC-AUDIO Is Now In Full Cooperation With SAE

       AC-Audio is proud to announce our formal partnership with the SAE Institute Auckland.

       From now on, SAE Auckland is using the AC-Audio C314 top-class condenser microphone, the ET-300 tube mic, the S80R ribbon mic, as well as the G31 tube mic preamp. They will be using these products full-time in one of their studios.

        "The AC-Audio ET-3000 tube microphone performed very clear and accurate for our vocals. It produced a rich warm sound with a nice analogue feel. Perfect for the style of music that we were recording. We highly recommend it!"

        "It sounded great. The whole feel for the song was analogue and the tube mic is perfect for that. We recorded straight to tape and then I bounced the files back into Pro Tools for a back up. The tube mic performed very well and produced the sound that I was looking for. A warm analogue feel."

        These are comments from Matthew Keller, the Live Sound Workshop lecturer and Head Studio Supervisor at SAE Auckland (School of Audio Engineering). He is also a freelance live sound and recording engineer with experience mixing bands in venues across the country from small pubs to arenas filling a capacity of 12,000 people.

          The SAE Institute in Auckland was set up in the early 1980's in the popuar suburbs of Parnell, renowned for its culture and atmospheric vibe. The institute was originally established in Sydney Australia in 1976 by engineer and producer Tom Misner. In doing so, he also developed the world's first combined practical and theoretical curriculum for audio engineering.


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