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New Arrival Released! AC-AUDIO π Series Condenser/Tube High Level Mics.

AC-AUDIO proudly released new pro recording microphone --  π Series Condenser/Tube Microphone.

π Series C314/T314 is a totally new high level pro condenser/tube microphone, which holds the special spherical design and reliable metal beeveil. C314 adopts precise electronic circuit output, HIFI level low noise vacuum tube and WIMA high condenser, which make the mic have clear treble and strong bourdon. With the polar pattern of cardioid, LF attenuation and 10dB attenuation are both available for C314. π Series C314 has a wide range of uses in professional situations such as studio recording, broadcast &TV stations, live sound, movie post-production and computer recording. And it is especially suitable for vocal recording.

For more information about the new product, please check up in the product details web.



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