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New Release from AC-AUDIO! The Most Cost-Effective Headphone Amplifier HA8M

The most cost-effective headphone distribution amplifier is released today by AC-AUDIO.

Designed for recording studio and stage, AC-AUDIO HA8M High-Power 8-Channel Headphones Distribution Amplifier is practical and economic for users. If you are looking for an excellent and cost-effective headphones amplifier, absolutely, HA8M will be your correct choice.

HA8M headphone amplifier features 8 channels stereo headphone distribution and amplifier component, with individual volume controlling knob in every channel. There will not be any issue for distortion under power even if connecting 8 channels of headphones, as we adopt individual amplifying unit for each channel of HA8M, to ensure the consistency of all the channels’ power. Meanwhile, there are expansion connectors for multi-amplifiers, which make HA8M have abundant expansibility. HA8M can fit all kinds of headphones, which is universal for different kinds of users around the world.


- Award-Winning Amplifier Technology
- High-Precision Transistor Technology
- Direct Front Panel Input Connector
- Balanced Inputs
- Two Stereo Main Inputs on Rear Panel
- Multi-Amplifiers Available


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