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AC-AUDIO Introduced New Tube Preamp of G51 and G52

AC-AUDIO today introduced new series of professional Tube Preamp G51 and G52, which were utilized Industry-specific precise valve and transistor technology simultaneously, offering customers high-quality sound and perfect use experience.

The new equipment can support high quality signal paths, produce the particular valve audio peculiarity by adopting low noise solid-state electronic components and perfect valve circuitry. It has the comprehensive and various functions on controlling sounds, and universal connectors, allowing the equipment to integrate into any system easily. Both the G51 and G52 include following main features:

- Preamp with Industry-specific precise Tube Technology
- 48V phantom power switch
- Two high-impedance instrument inputs
- The Mic input is provided on an electronically balanced XLR connector
- The line inputs are provided on balanced TRS stereo 0.25” jack connectors
- VU metering of output level and compressor gain reduction
- Drive LED gives a visual indication of the signal level through valve stages
- Hi-pass 90Hz filter on the input stage

- Insert function(only the G51)


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