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            AC-Audio originated in Australia, A company dedicated to professional audio products which include various pro recording microphones ranging from beginner level to the highest quality, microphone preamps, phone amplifiers, studio monitors, and more. The technology, products, and services of AC-Audio enable our users to enjoy the same level of professional sound as known brands such as Neumann, Dynaudiom, Roland, etc. at a much more affordable price. AC-Audio maintains its levels of experienced innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, and technical skills originated in Australia, but transferred it's headquarters to China allowing for its products to be more cost efficient. The reliability and quality of AC-Audio's concepts, designs, and technology all are due to years of researching and harnessing the unique art of sound. We dedicate our pride and principles to maintaining the most reliable products in the world.

            High quality sound and performance is not just our mission, it is our lifestyle. Everyday our engineers developing new ways to perfect and push the barriers of sound quality. We test only with the best materials and ensure all our product series failure rates fall under 0.5%. Every year AC-Audio releases new products to the market to satisfy the needs of our customer base, and new marketing/sales strategies for our distributors as well as resellers globally.

            Our distribution network is growing rapidly and we are continuously looking for more reliable partners in distributors across the world. AC-Audio's brand, high quality, and flexible distribution policy helps all of our partners in local marketing and expanding their network. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


Accurate and Clear! This is the mission of AC-Audio. Join the Revolution!


Why Choose AC-Audio?

We are Pro on Audio;

We are Pro Audio


- Reliable Core Technology : AC-Audio ensures its technology is advanced and reliable! Our core technology is engineered from our team in Australia.

- Superior Quality : In order to maintain our reliability and keep product failure rates under 0.5%, we ensure testing throughout all stages of production to provide the highest quality for pure sound.

- Competitive Cost : With our production being based in China, we can continuously find new methods to achieve the most cost effective solutions for ourselves as well as our customer base.

- Flexible Service : Our dedication to service relies in our belief in flexibility. With a more flexible distribution policy and our terms for warranty, we dedicate to maintain the satisfaction of our distributor and end user.


For more information, please contact us at ( insert email or contact information). We look forward to helping you.

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